The National Maritime Museum Amsterdam

A Google Street View indoor tour can greatly benefit museums by providing virtual access to their exhibitions, allowing people from all over the world to explore their collections. This not only expands the museum’s reach but also fulfills the right of everyone to access and enjoy art and culture, regardless of their physical condition or geographical location. Moreover, a virtual tour can provide a more immersive and engaging experience, encouraging visitors to plan their visits and enhancing their overall museum experience.

The virtual tour captures and stores temporary exhibitions that may have a limited run or have already ended. This allows visitors to revisit these exhibitions virtually and gives people who couldn’t visit the museum during the exhibition’s run the opportunity to experience it. It also provides a valuable archive of the museum’s past exhibitions, preserving their cultural significance for future generations.

Additionally, offering a virtual tour of their exhibitions through Google Street View demonstrates that the museum has an innovative mindset, embracing technology to provide new and accessible ways to engage with art and culture. This can help attract a wider audience and position the museum as a forward-thinking institution in the eyes of visitors and the broader cultural community.