Nexer Group

With the implementation of a Google Street View tour, a co-working space or office can now offer potential clients a seamless and immersive virtual tour of the space, eliminating the need for physical tours. This can save time and resources for both parties, while still providing an engaging and interactive experience. Additionally, the tour offers a world-wide reach, allowing clients from anywhere in the world to explore the space at any time.

Furthermore, Clients can now explore the co-working space or office in detail, from common areas to private offices, conference rooms, and more. This allows clients to get a more comprehensive understanding of the space and its amenities, ultimately leading to more informed and confident decisions about renting.

We are not saying that the virtual tour will replace your brokers, but it is a great complementary tool that your brokers can use to clients who either want a first glimpse, or are geographically limited to a physical visit.